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Fully orchestrated and embeddable no-code platform, with use cases for protocols, crypto projects, Web3 startups, and fintechs.

Bringing the next 100 million users to crypto

Every day our amazing clients find new and innovative ways to embed crypto spending inside of their businesses. Below, we examine just a few examples of the power of our no-code platform.

Layer-1 Protocol

On-ramp millions of new users to your protocol and provide utility to the native token without needing to pitch any merchants to accept it.

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Layer-2 Protocol

Add spending wallets to your toolbox when onboarding new projects. Provide utility to your native token and compatibility with any POS.

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Wallet Project

Provide an embedded off-ramp for users. Encourage spending of excess stablecoin holdings, rewards, and gains from investment.

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DeFi App

Offer a companion spending wallet to your staking, yield, or lending wallet. Users can move in between wallets with ease.

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Fintech Platform

Users are demanding Web3 solutions on every fintech platform. Embed crypto spending inside of banking, lending, credit, or investing apps.

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NFTs & Gaming

Integrate traditional Web2 rails to your checkout to encourage mass adoption and give outside utility to your native token.

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“We have looked for years for a platform like Chainswipe. This accelerates our roadmap and finally brings a spending solution to our Web3 project.”
Web3 Founder

The Metaverse

Make on-ramping and spending inside of your metaverse environment a breeze and allow users to spend their rewards in the real-world.

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Web3 Ecosystem

Partner with Chainswipe for your industry consortium, government, or consulting group. We can give your projects the tools to thrive.

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“The ability for us to have everything we need to launch a crypto debit card in a single platform without spending years negotiating contracts is amazing. ”
Fintech Founder

Use Cases Coming Soon

Non-Custody Wallets


Support for non-custody wallets with just in time spending.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Orchestrated spending via smart contract oracles.



Automated crypto direct deposit and payroll solutions.

Crypto Cards


Support for projects built on non-public and private chains.

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